Epic Battle Fantasy 2: The Epic RPG Saga Continues...

  • Epic Battle Fantasy 2

    Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is the sequel to Epic Battle Fantasy 1 which was released in November 2009 by developer Matt Rosak following the success of the original game. This game is based on the same premise as the first game with the same heroes and the same kind of villains while remaining the turn-based RPG-style battle game that it was originally. With the promise of new additional features and some other cosmetic changes, you could expect to derive a lot more fun from this game than any of the previous versions. Here are some of the key features of this new game:


    The gameplay in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is, as mentioned above, much the same as Epic Battle Fantasy 1. The main differences between the two games that make Epic Battle Fantasy 2 even more epic than its predecessor are the all new upgrades system and the introduction of some more new attack and defense options that push an already large and diverse move menu to epic proportions.

    Unlike the first game though, this one does have a semblance of a storyline and setting before it starts off. As the game begins, you're told that following the death and destruction caused in the aftermath of the first game, some of the remaining enemy creatures actually started to mutate into something more dangerous. Additionally, as the peoples of the world recover from the major shock of seeing a pirate boy and a wannabe witch defeat all that plagues the world, a new greater enemy gathers up all of the newly mutated creatures and seeks to mount a fresh attack. Again, our hero and heroine step up to defeat these new enemies after thankfully taking a bath and wearing some new robes for once.

    For those of you who are new to the series, here's how the gameplay actually goes: You start off with two heroes with various attack and defense moves who must battle a series of horrific-looking enemies in a turn-based face off that is entirely reminiscent of the console-based Pokemon games.

  • Basically, you select a move for Player 1 (yes, that is the actual name of the character) and Player 2 (again, a real and apparently female name) and you see those attacks play out and then your enemies attack you in the same way. Both you and your enemies have HP or hit points as health, and when it runs out the character dies. The characters playing Players 1 and 2 haven't changed either. Player 1 is still the same guy with long blonde locks, but his dress has changed and is now a black and red ensemble that makes him look much better than in the first game. As for Player 2, she remains the extremely well-endowed sorceress, but the gown has changed to a deep red and there is no midriff-baring. If you didn't know that they were the good people you'd think they would drink blood for nutrition or something.

    Epic Battle Fantasy 2

    The extra options for Player 1 in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 include some more choices in the Bushido section, which concerns the extra powers of your sword depending on the type, as well as some new types of swords itself. That is pretty much the extent of additions to his choices, and even for our resident magician the only additions seem to be the odd spell and different names for the creatures that she can summon, although what they do and their attack powers remain the same. However, adding even these choices to the already numerous ones that are carried over from the first game make the game even more interesting than earlier in terms of devising an attack strategy.

    In terms of upgrades, after defeating each boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 you get a couple of upgrade choices. The first is regarding your general stats, so you could have a choice between "+10 Attack" and "+10 Special Attack" for Player 1 and some similar options pertaining to Player 2's options as her upgrades. The other type of upgrade choices available deals with a certain type of types of attacks, so for instance one of the upgrades available for Player 1 after defeating the first boss is the capability to add an extra 40% damage to your Power Metal attack. This further complicates the strategy portion of this game by giving you the ability to make more specialized customizations to it, thereby making the game even better.

  • Epic Battle Fantasy 2

    The basic attack strategy, however, remains much the same as in the previous game. Use the red magician (she even has red hair!) as the protective meat shield that can bear the brunt of most attacks while using her White Magic abilities to keep healing herself and Player 1 while player 1 uses his vast array of sword skills to put his enemies to the sword. It takes a little while to know the best attack combinations for enemies initially, but the guides are easily available, easy to use and comprehensive enough for it to not take a long time at all. The only real source of concern throughout the game is the amount of money made available as well as the prices of most of the potions, but if you like the game you won't be too concerned about it.

    Graphics and Audio

    The graphical setting is exactly the same as in the game 1, with the same high level of visual detailing and huge range of colors. The only changes are the aforementioned wardrobe changes for Players 1 and 2. On the plus side, the loading time seems to have been reduced slightly, so high graphics aren't that much of a drag. The audio is also much the same as the first game, and it is apt enough to not be an issue.

    Epic Battle Fantasy 2


    If you liked the first installment of this series, you will certainly enjoy Epic Battle Fantasy 2. The increased upgrades and customizations only serve to improve the game without over-complicating it, thereby making for a decent gaming experience.

    Completed the second and want more? Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is also available to play at our site. Check it out now!