Monkey GO Happy Adventure: The Bipolar Monkey Returns for a Somewhat Shallow Adventure

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

There’s no such thing as simian simplicity when it comes to the Monkey GO Happy games. Each of the titles from the much-loved flash game series has provided its players with increasingly challenging and complex point-and-click puzzles. The kind of scrapes and situations your chosen monkey seems to get into are numerous, and the situation isn’t any different in Monkey GO Happy Adventure. This time, an evil king has gone and stolen our sad-looking monkey’s favourite toys, making them even sadder than ever before. It’s therefore up to you to solve the many puzzles that will lead you on your way to finally cheering up those sobbing simians once and for all.

Gameplay That Serves to Challenge

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

The gameplay that comprises the action of Monkey GO Happy Adventure is fairly standard fodder as far as the series goes. Much like fans of the series have done before, you use your cursor to hover over objects, looking for usable items that can be collected up and utilised in various ways. Your cursor will change shape when it hovers over an object of interest, so it’s not the most difficult thing in the world to pick up.

However, just because you’re given decent indication of where the objects of interest are, doesn’t mean the game is easy. In fact, it can get pretty challenging when you have to utilise the various objects in the correct order. Some objects are fairly obvious – keys are easy to use since you just have to look for a lock - but when you’ve amassed a fly, a small jar, a stick, and a bunch of coins, you have to get a little bit creative. In this manner, Monkey GO Happy Adventure forces you to think a little outside the box, and is as good as other games in the series, even the mobile ones such as Monkey GO Happy 6.

Puzzles and More

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

As mentioned above, the game isn’t going to surprise its long-term fans with its approach; it’s the same point-and-click puzzle game we’ve come to know and love. There’s a few excellent puzzles to solve however, and there are also times when you have to utilise coins you find in order to purchase vital items from a rickety old shop.

The format of the game also plays out more like a single-objective adventure, as opposed to the previous games’ formats, which often involve solving separate, unrelated puzzles rather than moving towards a single objective. In this case, the objective is to return the toys stolen by an evil king. After this happens, it’s a case of the monkeys sobbing their hearts out until you can make them jump for joy through the solving of the various puzzles at hand.

Content That’s Decent Enough

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

There isn’t exactly an abundance of content to speak of here, though Pencil Kids Games certainly know their audience and cater to them very well. They have included some customisation options so that you can change the look of the selectable monkey characters, which is a nice little touch, even if it doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever on the actual gameplay itself.

There haven’t been any serious improvements when it comes to the game’s design, graphics, or general presentation either which is typical of their whole . It’s all more than acceptable for a flash game of course, but it would be nice to see a bit more polish in the graphics and the menus, which have always felt a little under-developed when compared to some other monkey based games developed in flash such as the Bloons Tower Defense series and Ninja Kiwi's followup Monkey City all which can be found on Monkey-heavy sites like

Still, there’s a definite feeling of satisfaction when you manage to get to the final challenge and beat it. This results in the locker (in which the stolen toys are being stored) opening up and causing your chosen monkey to dance around with joy. The real challenge in the game isn’t to simply amble slowly to the end however, but to solve the puzzles as fast as you possibly can. The faster you solve them, the more points you get and the less chance you’ll have of your monkey bursting into tears, and at the end of the day, that’s what Monkey GO Happy Adventure is all about!