Visit Al Copop's Secret Warehouse in Panda's Bigger Adventure

  • Panda's Bigger Adventure

    After gathering all the missing parts of his portaloo, Panda has yet again found himself in another time traveling adventure. Join our furry hero in his quest to get back to the present in order to enjoy his brand new Juice Master 3000.

    Looking at Panda's bone littered portaloo complete with the stray, feathered menace, it is pretty clear that you're in for even more high jinks. Thanks to the new circuit board he installed, you get to go inside Al Copops' Moonshine Warehouse, try your hand a duck shooting gallery and even reunite Dr. Blowers with his fluffy white cat.

    Panda's Bigger Adventure

    Things have changed very little in terms of game mechanics. You simply have to click on an object in order to interact with it. Afterwards, you may either use it alongside another item or store it in your inventory for later use. You will encounter interesting NPCs, essentially your quest givers, along the way. After helping them out to some extent, they will either give you a reward or lead you to yet another puzzle to be solved.

    While following a trail of hints comprises the majority of the game, expect to test your skills on a few mini games as well. Our favorite is definitely mixing the Top Secret Moonshine Recipe which is part water, part alcohol and part engine grease; yum.

    As you may have guessed, Panda's Bigger Adventure doesn't take itself too seriously and we love it. While it is not the most unique title out there, it is certainly one of the most entertaining. The writing is superb, with jokes cleverly weaved into the storytelling. How you resist the Doctor Who references, someone names Private Ryan or even an imprisoned Elvis? It's crazy and we love it.

  • In terms of game length, Panda's Bigger Adventure lasts a good half an hour or so without rushing things along with a guide. Part of the fun is exploring every nook and cranny so you shouldn't hesitate to take your time. Who knows, reading each line of text may even net a few chuckles.

    Panda's Bigger Adventure

    Unfortunately alongside its many pros, the game also shares a particular quirk with Panda's Big Adventure. As it was with the original, expect sluggish performance when running this title on a standard netbook. What's worse is that there is a mini game here that involves having to accurately shoot toy ducks on a roulette. If this is a big problem for you then you may want to use a device with above average specs.

    The graphics are decent. They suit the silly vibe of the game but are not exactly memorable. The fonts could have been more readable; but as it is, the visual elements (like the sharks or "big rocketty things") in each location already do a good job in keeping things thematic.

    Panda's Bigger Adventure

    We loved the Panda's Big Adventure and we certainly were not disappointed with this sequel. Like the original, we were charmed by the game's witty pop culture references and WYSIWYG mechanics. In the end, any point and click game worth its salt is all about the storytelling and we can assure you that Panda's Bigger Adventure is a stellar success in this department. Taking into consideration its performance quirk, it's not a perfect game for sure, but the pros do outweigh the cons entertainment-wise.

    If you're looking for your first point and click game or are after a relaxing title to fill in a boring gap in the day, we recommend checking out Panda's Bigger Adventure. Better yet, start out with Panda's Big Adventure to enjoy everything from beginning to end.