Terraria Lets You Build a Bunny Cannon

Get ready to dig, explore and build in Terraria, an action adventure sandbox game by Re-Logic. In this title, you get to explore a vast, zany world filled with slimes, flying eyeballs and even killer bunnies. With randomly generated maps, every game is unique in Terraria and it's up to you to discover the mysteries that await in each one. You can enjoy it at your own pace and you can choose how you want to go about the game. Will you be busy building a thriving city? Are you going to dig straight down to The Underworld? Or, do you wish to prove your mettle as an adventurer by seeking out and slaying bosses? Chances are, you'll want to do all those and more. So is this an adventure worth having or is your heroic expertise better used elsewhere?


Mining, Mining and More Mining

When Terraria was first announced, it was often compared to the 3D sandbox title Minecraft. Being in the same genre, this can't be helped; however, the two games have completely different strengths. Whereas Minecraft focuses on world building and exploration, Terraria is for good old adventuring. In the latter, every swing of the pickaxe opens new possibilities, giving you access to better gear which allows you to go deeper into your own, unique world.

Yes, both have somewhat grindy, mining aspects but those are pretty much a given in this genre. What's important is you know what your play style is and you cater to that. If you're the type of player who can spend hours amassing items and shaping your world, then you might want to focus on building a town and luring NPCs to help you gain access to better goodies. Prefer to adventure alone? Build yourself a fortress then focus on being self sufficient. Anyway, if you're feeling a bit lonely, there are pets in the game as well as an endless supply of monsters just waiting to give you a hug.

Watch Out for Zombies


A mechanic that might seem a bit daunting to Terraria novices is the game's dynamic day and night system. During the day, adventuring is as you'd expect it to be. There are a myriad of places to explore, materials to gather and the occasional monster to slay. Make the mistake of being out in the open at night and you'll be in for a surprise. Many strange and hostile creatures come out only at night and all of them seem to have only one goal: to kill tree felling, dirt digging, torch wielding adventurers.

Luckily, zombies and other creatures of the night are incapable of breaking down sturdy doors. For your sake and the safety of your friendly, neighborhood NPC guide, you will need to spend a little time making a walled area. The Tutorial teaches you exactly how to do this, or if you think you can figure things out before nightfall, you can make one yourself. Just don't be tempted too much by those falling stars outside your house.

Simple Yet Complex

If there is anything that can sum up Terraria's game play it's that it is expansive. Time and time again, you will find yourself doing something completely different than what you've initially set out to do. Sure, you might think you'll be spending a couple of minutes just wrapping up and collecting nearby ores but the next thing you know, you've already obtained a Fiery Greatsword and you're just dying to test it against a Wyvern. Or, you might have intended to just dig a little deeper and you discover a curious, throbbing heart just a few blocks away. Terraria has the "just five more minutes" feel down pat and you'll constantly be hooked with potential progress just at your fingertips. Feeling a bit intimidated? Don't worry, bosses won't just appear out of nowhere. Although it has no storyline, events still need to be triggered before facing impossible enemies and this keeps the game difficulty manageable.


As for cons, well this game is quite slow to pick up. Don't expect to feel heroic right out the door. You will be spending at least a couple of hours getting the hang of the basics and figuring out a strategy on how to tackle this massive game. The tutorial is handy but it the things it tells you are barely enough to cover a tenth of what the game is about. Stay with it though and you'll be rewarded with wacky content such as bunny cannons. There is multiplayer support for the game but with its adventuring aspect, Terraria truly shines in single player mode. If you do go for multiplayer, there's a PvP option you can toggle on or off, depending on your play style and preference.

Craving for a rich 2D world? Play Terraria and enjoy more than a dozen environments to adventure in. It features over 150 enemy types, complete with over a dozen formidable bosses and more than a thousand crafting recipes for you to tinker with. With its thematic elements, Terraria is the perfect sandbox title for RPG lovers and fantasy fans alike.